Saturday, August 6, 2016

Avatar Press


Style Classification: Creator Owned Content

Notable Works: Providence; Cinema Purgatorio; Crossed


Founded in 1996 by Wizard alum William Christensen, Avatar Press started out as a '90s-era bad-girl press. After a while of finding moderate success in a genre that was already on borrowed time in '96, Christensen started to offer his press up to any elite talent that wanted to make some creator-owned content without any editorial interference.

The biggest names to take him up on the offer over the years were Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Garth Ennis (Preacher), Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan), and Mark Millar.

Eventually they branched out into some licensed content with titles like Frank Miller's Robocop, but the big stories recently, the ones you'll be apt to see at your local shop are Crossed, Crossed+100, Cinema Purgatorio and Alan Moore's heavily researched Cthulhu prequel Providence.

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