Saturday, July 9, 2016

Enter the Hasbro-verse

This fall IDW is uniting their Hasbro line of comics through an event called Revolution.

Steven Scott, writer and executive with IDW, says that the one thing that connects GI Joe, the Transformers, the Micronauts, MASK, Action Man and Rom is the preponderance of technology, and that taken together, a universe can---nay should---be built around the properties.

Apparently the story arc launches in September with the issues Revolution #1 and 2, and the one shots for Gi Joe, Micronauts, and Rom, and will culminate with the emergence of MASK at the end.

I may not read these titles, but the idea of a cohesive universe being made out of a licensed property---being executed well by top-notch talent---should be exciting for fans of the medium.

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