Monday, August 8, 2016

Hex Comix

Style Classification: Single Title Publisher

Notable Works: Hex 11


I met the young ladies that run Hex Comix at Wondercon 2016. This is a very small company stationed in Los Angeles. All three employees are smart and talented young women: Kelly Sue Milano on writing duties, Lisa Weber on art duty, and Lynly Forrest running the office and doing most everything else.

At large scale gatherings, like Wondercon, I like to do support companies I like, like Valiant, while eventually patrolling the smaller booths on the outer edges. This is how I do my part to really help the fringe artists and educate myself on tiny companies.

Like Hex Comix.

As it was, the ladies talked me into purchasing their collection of issues 1-6 of their lone title Hex 11. It takes place in a future where magic has been discovered and acts like the new science. The main character is a young witch, and she's learning about her powers.

Honestly, that premise would never cause me to buy that book. But I enjoyed my time talking with the ladies and wanted to be supportive, and seeing as how some of my students are comic-crazed young ladies, I thought the connection could prove fruitful later.

But, dang, if that comic was not quite gripping. It was a page turner that drew me in. I even checked to see when the series would resume. (It has.)

If you have any young ladies in your life who may be into interesting girl-centered comics, and want to support a tiny fringe comic publisher, and would like some good content, check this company and their title out.

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