Saturday, August 6, 2016

Comic Cover Inspiration

Dynamite will be publishing what they're calling "Kung Fu Noir", which sounds very interesting. It is a mini-series called "Intertwined."

One of the alternate covers to the first issue is instantly recognizable to fans of '90s era Frank Miller:

This image caught my eye before I knew anything about Intertwined's successful Kickstarter campaign and the Fabrice Sapolsky and Fred Pham Chuong central conceit: What if Peter Parker had been a Chinese immigrant, what kind of hero would he have been?

That question is interesting enough, but when the title is also described as "Bruce Lee meets Swamp Thing," the brain starts to reel.

Anyway, after seeing the cover, I immediately remembered the very first cover for the first mini-series Frank Miller did for Sin City (after the serialization of Marv's avenging of Goldie's murder), A Dame to Kill For:

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