Monday, August 8, 2016

"Harvey Awards" Could be Renamed "Valiant Awards"

I mean no disrespect to Harvey Kurtzman. I'm just excited for our phoenix-like resurrected independent superhero comic publisher.

The Harvey Awards are one of the two prestigious cartoonist and comic industry annual award shows. The Eisners are the other. The Harvey Awards are voted on by industry insiders: artists, writers, colorists, and editors.

This year my favorite company has garnered the most nominations in history at 50. Fifty.

Valiant Entertainment has been honored with, on many occasions, multiple nominations in the same category. Artist Mico Suayan, writers Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt are just a few of the creators who nabbed nominations.

Titles like Divinity, Ninjak (two of the books I read regularly), and Bloodshot Reborn were among the titles nominated.

Matt Kindt's Ninjak has had one of the most complex narrative structures for an espionage/superhero comic around. Each issue hovers in around 40 pages as readers get at least two, but occasionally three, separate narratives timelines telling the story of Colin King, his familial background, his training, his connection to those he hunts for the British government, and ultimately his future. It's a good time.

I have some more homer-like thoughts about Valiant's Generation Zero vs Marvel's The Champions, and the way Faith Hebert connected with fans in ways that slightly more fringe-worthy works like Image's Bitch Planet have yet to.

Homerism to come later...

Congratulations to Valiant Entertainment's 50 Harvey Award nominations, the voting of which ends today. Winners will be announced on September 3rd.

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