Sunday, June 26, 2016

Titan Comics


Style Classification: Licensed Properties; Reprints

Notable Works: Dr. Who; Assassin's Creed; Samurai


Titan Publishing was founded in 1981, but the comics imprint, Titan Comics, is far newer. It seems like what major licenses that aren't held by IDW or Dynamite, Titan has them.

They've been finding success with the Dr. Who line of books, as well as some interesting Star Wars content. They're releasing a whole slew of Puss 'N Boots comics, along with television's Penny Dreadful, The Blacklist and Vikings as well as the upcoming Independence Day movie adaptation. They also have the market cornered on Silver Age Marvel reprints.

Titan offers the occasional Creator Owned Content comic, and boasts an Image Comics-style right's retention deal. The most interesting and beautiful looking comic I've seen under this heading is Samurai, Jean-Francois di Giorgio and Frederic Genet's gorgeous period stories in the Lone Wolf and Cub tradition.

For Samurai alone this company should have success.

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