Saturday, June 18, 2016

Amryl Entertainment


Style Classification: Exploitation

Notable Works: Cavewoman, (currently) Razor


So...what is there to say? The website has the main characters from their titles, and Cavewoman seems to be the most popular? Seeing as she has a Facebook fan club?

The site looks like it was put together in the mid '90s and the "About" tab takes you to a "We'll get this finished as soon as our new site is up and running" page. The copyright is 2011.

If you're looking for busty women fighting dinosaurs, or monsters, or living in caves doing cavewomanly stuff, all while wearing as little as possible and still be considered "covered", then this company's content is for you.

The popularity of this kind of material must have peaked in the past, when free pornography wasn't so readily available. Back in college we used to say that Maxim was like porn for guys who were too scared to buy porn, but that was wrong: Maxim was really just Playboy for guys too scared to get actual Playboy, and Playboy isn't porn. It's tits, a little muff, and lotsa other shit guys can spend money on and/or care about.

Anyway, I'd love to be proven as ass and come to learn that Cavewoman is a serious and wonderfully plotted and executed series.

Any takers on that bet?

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