Sunday, June 26, 2016

Darby Pop Publishing


Style Classification: Creator Owned Content

Notable Works: 7th Sword; Fake Empire; The Living Finger; various Bruce Lee content; Sidekicked


Darby Pop started as IDW's imprint for Creator Owned Content back in 2013. Hollywood vet Jeff Kline was responsible and filled out a talent roster from his close friends, who were also comic industry vets.

Their titles see original and novel, and a partnership with Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee's daughter, has brought many Lee-themed products to the comic book market.

Sidekicked looks promising: superhero sidekicks decide to strike and teach their prim dona bosses a lesson. The Living Finger follows character Jason as he finds a living disembodied finger, obsesses over it, finds a tapping-style form of communication to talk with it, and names it Wendy. Like Sidekicked, this sounds promising.

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