Sunday, June 19, 2016

Rothic Comics


Style Classification: Cohesive Universe: Single Creator

Notable Works: Ancient Dreams


JP Roth was a mythology major in college, and parlayed her interest in that combined with her skills as an artist and writer into a series of "Rothic novels"---comics. At first blush it looks like this could all be exploitation books again, what with busty women wearing very little splashed all over the website, but that's not the case.

Roth, herself a beautiful and sexy lady---a so-called "fan favorite" on the convention circuit---has created and woven a series of stories deeply steeped in lore and mythos, stories about love, life, death, dreams, and magic, and each story stars a beautiful young lady. The website says that each title is intertwined and connected, hence the "Cohesive Universe" designation.

On a strange and mostly unrelated note, Google states that the publisher's address is literally right down my street, which is odd, since the area is a primarily residential neighborhood of downtown Long Beach, California

Anyway, while I have refrained from educating myself on Ms. Roth's work, POWER TO HER for finding success independently in this difficult industry, difficult for any company and especially single publishers.

Kick ass and take names, Ms. Roth. Keep it up!

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