Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Thanks LCS!

I found these two classic collections at my local comic shop, and spent probably a combined seven dollars on them:

The first collects the first four issues from the original X-O Manowar series and the second is the first four issues of the original Harbinger series. Both are so good. I was surprised, mainly because I didn't ever read Harbinger back in that time, and I started on X-O later than the first few story arcs.

I mean, I wasn't surprised that the Valiant books that critics and fans raved about were good, rather, how their stories progressed. These comics did not fuck around.

The opening panel from X-O Manowar #1 has Aric the Visigoth naked and swinging a metallic shard he's torn from the ship into a green-bleeding wound of one of his alien captors.

The opening panel to Harbinger #1 has Pete Stancheck, the teenage psiot at the center of the story, using his telekinetic powers to fly a car away from pursuers. He's already been burned by the evil corporation Harbinger and their evil boss Toyo Harada...but is he really evil? Doesn't Pete pose a threat because he can't control his powers.

Can a barbarian who's about to realize that his entire family unit is long dead be trusted to wield a scientifically "magical" suit of armor?

Thanks, LCS! I was planning on reading these sometime, and you made it happen faster than I ever imagined.

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