Monday, December 18, 2017

Two Ladies' Titles Finished Up on Same Day

On the same Wednesday at my LCS the final issues of two limited series arrived. The first was the fifth and final edition of Sam Kieth and John Layman's creation, featured as a Hot Jazz title earlier this year:

All five issues
Eleanor and the Egret was an enjoyable title, two old heads in the industry playing around and stretching. I'm glad I picked the story up. The last two issues took about four months to come in, but what can you do. Almost like 4 Kids... the story's ending felt abrupt, but that may just be my own issues. In a year I'll sit down and read all five in a row over an hour and try to get a better feeling for the flow of the story. I found it whimsical in a non-annoying way.

The second title that came in on that same day was the fourth and final issue of Valiant's heroine of the future:

All four issues and last year's standalone chapter from the 4001 AD story
Valiant featured a "top secret" title back in the run-up to last year's 4001 AD summer event, a title that turned out to be War Mother. I went with the normal David Mack covers for each, because they're both awesome and fully distinct, like Cary Nord's covers for Britannia. This story felt both realized, cohesive and self-contained, and like the building blocks to a bigger thing. Pretty neat to hit all those topics, but I've learned you should never doubt Valiant's storytelling. Also, having met and conversed with Dinesh Shamdasani at a convention recently, it sounds like Rai and the 4001 timeline will return to the main slate of titles in due course, a timeline that will certainly feature Ana, the War Mother.

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