Saturday, March 4, 2017

Livewire (Almost) Gets Her Own Title at Valiant

Livewire, the teletechnopath and psiot who can control machines, has long been a fan favorite for Valiant. As a strong, black woman character, she's also a bit of a rarity on the superhero-books shelves this side of Storm.

Her importance to the Valiant universe is seen through her leading of their multi-hero team Unity, and while she was featured in the company's "Imperium", she hasn't had her own book.

Until now, sort of. She heads a team of misfits, kids who's powers are not exactly perfect for fighting crime or war. Or creating peace, as it were.

Livewire has more faith in them and considers the assembly Secret Weapons. The book is being written by Oscar-nominated writer Eric Heisserer and the previews look great. Raul Allen's pencil work is quietly spectacular. 

I think it's cool that Valiant is finding ways to dust off some of the old titles in the property. My first experience with the title back in the '90s was due to issue 5 having the third appearance of Ninjak:

As fantastic as a solo titled Livewire book would be, the company has earned the benefit of the doubt, from me at least. They follow The Story with a vigorous energy that's inspiring, and with little regard to the blowing of the popular winds.

(Also: I want to thank the decision makers for ultimately giving me the opportunity to show off a 24 year old memory---being excited for Ninjak's 3rd appearance.)

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