Sunday, March 5, 2017

Chapter House Comics


Style Classification: Cohesive Universe (sorta)

Notable Works: Captain Canuck


Chapter House is the current publisher of the Captain Canuck stories and stable of characters. This makes it a self contained, cohesive universe. It does look like there are a few characters and titles from Chapter House that aren't part of the Capt Canuck's so-called "Chapterverse", but still, the Captain Canuck world is pretty neat.

The first appearance was back in 1975, when Richard Comely unleashed his Canadian-themed hero upon the Great North:

He was often confused with Marvels similarly-Canadian themed Guardian from Chris Claremont's "Alpha Flight:"

Captain Canuck resurfaced in '9, being published by Semple Comics, whomever they are:

Back again in the early aughts, his outfit has slightly changed:

A miniseries changed the look even further:

And that brings us to the Chapter House license (if that's what you could call it):

Canuck is back to beefy, and now with a futuristic suit to boot.

To come along with the Captain is Northguard, hopefully not the Boo-Boo to his Yogi:

Canadians like comics, too!

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