Saturday, June 16, 2018

Old Quesada Find

Quite possibly my favorite superhero artist from the 90s when I was a kid was Joe Quesada. He runs Marvel now, but he stared out doing covers for Valiant and minor DC titles like The Ray, but moved to the more important Sword of Azrael mini-series, helping to create Bruce Wayne's replacement as Batman during the Knightfall storyline.

Quesada went on to create Ninjak for Valiant, and eventually went and created his own company with his inking partner, Jimmy Palmiotti, called Event Comics. I was so excited when that was announced, and their first creation, Ash, about a firefighter/superhero, was even more awesome.

After 9/11, I figured that Brooklyn's favorite comic team-up, Joe and Jimmy, having created a firefighter-superhero, would have garnered more attention. Maybe there's still time...

Anyway, at my LCS the other week I came across this, priced for $3.99:

Not a bad mark-down...originally $14.99.

I picked it up and thumbed through it and saw images that I'd forgotten about. The Event guys give shout-outs to other popular independent titles of the day, showing off their own tastes:

Evil Ernie and Sin City. Rock and roll.

Also Jae Lee's Hellshock:

And the first shout-out in the series goes to the indie-superhero godfather, brilliantly acting as the logo for the whole enterprise, Spawn:

My Disney uncle has met plenty of famous people, but one story my mom was telling me about how my uncle had gone to Cuba with an artist and help reunite that artist with his family, had been very meaningful.

With and artist? I asked. 

Yeah, she'd said, that comic book guy who works in the offices now, that guy who drew that poster I got signed for you...

Joe Quesada? I said, Yeah, yeah, the Q...the one with the Q...

It was a rare star-struck moment for me.

Uncle Tom and Joe Quesada traveled to Cuba? Together? To help reunite their family?

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