Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Birthday Exchanges

A colleague I work with and I share the same birthday. We also share an affinity for graphic novels and sequential art in general.

This year we again exchanged books as gifts. I gave one of my all time favorite books (sequential art or traditional), Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics:

It's a master's class in the history, development, and way the art form works that is as amazing as it is informative. If you haven't yet, READ THIS BOOK.

He knows that I used the live in New York and how I feel about music, so he grabbed me the hardcover edition of Lennon: The New York Years:

Based on the Foenkinos novel, this is a lush black and white watercolor feast for the eyes created by the Frenchmen Horne. Most of the story I wasn't familiar with, seeing as how I haven't done a ton of research on the true-life stories of most bands.

It's beautiful and quick, like cotton candy for the visual sense.

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