Monday, March 19, 2018

Dinesh Out at Valiant

I met Dinesh Shamdasani once at the Long Beach Comic Convention. He was very personable and gregarious, even making me feel like he was listening to me and cared about the things I did in my life. I was glad to be able to tell a powerful person at the company I really dig how happy the excellent work they create each month makes me.

A good comic habit is a nice thing.

And now the Super Fan, the self-proclaimed Nerd Boss, is out at Valiant after the buy-out and force-out from DMG.

For a guy I've always styled in my own imagination as my own generation's Stan Lee---the deity-like creative force behind the very structure of the universe if not the exact scripts themselves---and I have to admit: the thought of a modern/contemporary Stan Lee walking around and living that particular dream is something I found very heartening, like the limits of creative work were pushed back, further and further away.

It seems like the reality is that Dinesh is closer to our contemporary Jim Shooter, the visionary driving force behind the first Valiant iteration.

Whatever you get into going forward, O Nerd Boss, I will pay close attention and involve my own energy.

And I only hope that the quality of the work remains top notch, Valiant. The glimmers of the first big post-Dinesh event in 2019 has me pretty excited.

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