Sunday, June 4, 2017

Beyond the Margins

If "sequential art" is mostly referred to as "comics", and this site is a place to talk about "independent" or the hipper "indie" comics, then "comix" is the drugged out punk rock bassist cousin of comics, selling cigarette smelling swag at shows.

Robert Crumb used to create sequential art about his scene, the first LSD wave in 1965 in San Francisco, and sell them out of a baby carriage walking up and down the Haight. They were sequential art stories about drug use and sex, police brutality, and general counter cultural stuff. It was given the title "comix."

Nowadays comix can be found in indie record stores, skate shops, and other random spots where punk rock still means something.

I found this, issue number five from Dumptruck Press:

Inside there is a specifically comix story, some drawings from one of Dumptruck's publishers, some neat photographs from different folks of skate boarding in action, and two separate anecdotes about meeting up with band members of different bands (and taking mushrooms).

It holds all the aspects of a comix publication these days: comix-styled sequential art, and content from other medium.

Here's the reverse of this issue:

This was a glossy production printed on 8.5" x 11" paper and folded in half.

I try to support sequential art in all it's forms, mostly independents and way-independents, but also occasionally one of the majors as well.

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