Monday, December 19, 2016

Valiant's 2016 Began and Ended with Successful Mini-series

Valiant in 2016 saw wide commercial and critical success with a variety of projects. The early-2016 notable title that took some folks by surprise stars their most positive happy-to-be-a-superhero heroine, Faith Hebert, in an eponymous mini-series:

The popularity of which has spawned a regular monthly title, a slew of plush dolls and figurines, and plenty of notice from mainstream media.

2016 ends for Valiant as another high profile mini-series ends, only this limited series had enough buildup and fanfare that it's nearly impossible to consider it a sleeper. A commercial and critical success, though, it certainly is. It stars the world's first detective (or, in ancient Rome's time, called a "detectioner"), Antonius Axia:

A wildly striking and entertaining read, I find myself smitten with Valiant's prestige format. The above shots are the regular Cary Nord covers, and upon seeing all the choices, I can't imagine wanting any of the other "specials."

There is much I'd like to say about Valiant's 2016, but now I don't have the time. Bummer.


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