Sunday, September 25, 2016


Website: Unable to locate;Here is the link to the Aardvark portal on ComicBookDb.

Style Classification: Single Creator

Notable Works: Cerebus


Dave Sim is the Canadian grandfather of independent comics. In 1977 he started publishing his Conan-send up Cerebus independently through his own imprint, Aardvark-Vanheim. Over the course of 25+ years and 300 issues, the adventures of the surly aardvark Cerebus gave the world a few things: hope and inspiration for independent publishers as well as a forum for Dave Sim to discuss his specific brand of Canadian philosophy.

That point of view has gotten the man in some hot water through the years, most notably his views on women and his anti-feminist stances taken within the pages of his comics. I don't know enough about these specific controversies, but I'm not one to defend misogyny.

Notwithstanding that, at this point the guy's position in the historical hierarchy of independent comics is basically Rushmore-d.

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